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SQL Server newsletter for the month of November 2001
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Welcome to the second issue of this monthly SQL Server newsletter brought to you by and thank you for subscribing. This newsletter will familiarize you with all the new and updated content at It will also provide you with tips and links to valuable SQL Server related information that is worth a read. 

For our new subscribers, we have created a newsletter archive, containing the previous issues of this newsletter. Visit:

If you are interested in receiving information on a particular aspect of Microsoft SQL Server, feel free to mail us at . We hope you will find this information useful.

Information in this newsletter is divided into the following sections:


What's new at <top>

Added new questions to the Administration FAQ:

Added new questions to the programming FAQ:

Added new resources to the SQL Server resources page:

A stored procedure version of the Propercase function is now available for our SQL Server 7.0 users:

Site traffic statistics were updated:

Added new abbreviations to the Usenet lingo page, that explains the abbreviations used by newsgroup users:

The following new articles were published:

Microsoft internal code names for SQL Server and related products

What's new from Microsoft? <top>

Microsoft is accepting applications for SQL Server 2000 SP2 beta testing. Apply now if you are interested:

New Platform Record on TPC-C Non-Clustered Benchmark Test 
Windows Datacenter Server Limited Edition and SQL Server 2000 Advance over UNIX

Everything you wanted to know about the new cascading features of SQL Server 2000:
Implementing Referential Integrity and Cascading Actions

Support WebCast: Introducing New Features in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Transactional Replication

Having problems with orphaned users? Not able to login after restoring a database into a new domain or new server? Check out the following articles:
PRB: User Logon and/or Permission Errors After Restoring Dump
PRB: "Troubleshooting Orphaned Users" Topic in Books Online is Incomplete

Not sure which version of MDAC you are running? Check out the following articles for different versions of the ODBC Driver Manager and the SQL Server driver:
INF: List of Version Numbers of ODBC Driver Manager and SQL Server
INFO: Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) Release History

Here are some online troubleshooting wizards to help troubleshoot connectivity, distributed queries, DTS, SQL Mail, Performance, Replication, Setup and more:
SQL Server Troubleshooters

Got questions and doubts on SQL Server setup? Check out this FAQ on SQL Server setup.
INF: Frequently Asked Questions - SQL Setup

INF: DTS Package Development, Deployment and Performance

Looking for Do's and Don'ts on SQL Server clustering? Check out this article:
INF: Clustered SQL Server Do's, Don'ts and Basic Warnings

Having trouble configuring SQL Mail? Check out this article that covers all the basic configuration and common problems:
INF: How to Configure SQL Mail

Here is a collection of articles that helps you understand log, datafile architecture and troubleshoot problems with huge transaction logs and shrinking:

INF: How to Shrink the SQL Server 7.0 Transaction Log

INF: Shrinking the Transaction Log in SQL Server 2000 with DBCC SHRINKFILE

INF: Causes of SQL Transaction Log Filling Up

INFO: Reasons Why SQL Transaction Log Is Not Being Truncated

PRB: Running Out of Log Space When Running Large Bulk Loads

PRB: Transaction Log Partially Truncated

Also check out the following topics in SQL Server Books Online:
Transaction Log Architecture
Truncating the Transaction Log

Following articles help you understand the Microsoft product life cycle, how support works during different phases of the product life cycle:

Useful information from other SQL Server based websites <top>

The term RAID sounds Greek and Latin to you? :) Check out this basic tutorial on RAID that discusses characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of different RAID levels:

Looking for a way to send alerts and messages to cell phones/mobile phones using SMS? Check out the new extended stored procedure xp_sendsms at:

SQL Server Outperforms Java with Oracle:

What's new in SQL Server 2000 profiler?

Tips <top>

1) Did you know, generating a 'CREATE TABLE' script is as simple as 'Copy' and 'Paste'?

In Enterprise Manager, right click on any table, select 'Copy' from the popup menu. Now, open Notepad, Word document or Query Analyzer and press Ctrl + V, to paste the create object script. You could generate scripts for multiple tables, by multi-selecting tables in Enterprise Manager using Shift + Click (or Ctrl + Click). This technique even allows you to generate scripts for system tables, which otherwise is not allowed in Enterprise Manager. Same technique can be used to generate scripts for views, stored procedures, user defined data types etc.

2) Having trouble manually adjusting the width of columns, in Enterprise Manager's tables view or 'return all rows' view?

Here is a keyboard shortcut. First make sure your Numlock is on. Press the plus (+) key on your numeric keypad, while holding the Ctrl key down, to automatically adjust the column widths to fit the width of the displayed data.

No part of this newsletter may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission. Feel free to forward this newsletter, in its entirety only, to friends and colleagues.

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