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Wish you a very happy Valentine's day, the SQL Server way!
Why bore your Valentine with the same old flowers and stuff this Valentine's day? Try something different! Can your boyfriend/girlfriend read a bit of SQL code? They know how to open Query Analyzer? If so, look no further. We have an SQL script that creates a heart in Query Analyzer and says "I love you" in six languages. Just fill up the form below and click 'Send' to send your heart, your Valentine's way and have fun!!! (PS: Do send some flowers, or else...hmmm ;-)) *
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click here to download your Valentine's day script!!!
Steve Kass is the author of this script. Steve is an MVP and participates regularly in Microsoft public SQL Server newsgroups and helps people with his wonderful programming expertise. Click here to view Steve's responses in the newsgroups.

Want more??? Check out the stored procedure written by Steve, that creates an Xmas tree in Query Analyzer :-)

Okay! Enough of fun and sending cards! ;-) Want to read some articles on SQL Server and excel in your job this new year? Read on:
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* The email addresses you enter, will be used only to deliver the greeting cards, and for nothing else.
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