Data Modeling for Everyone, by Sharon Allen
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Title: Data Modeling for Everyone
Author: Sharon Allen
Publisher: Curlingstone
ISBN: 1904347002
Pages: 500
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The Author:

Sharon Allen has enjoyed learning the intricacies of several careers since 1975 including Medical Assistant, Inventory Control Supervisor, Data Administrator, NTML & PL/SQL Programmer, and Data Warehouse Architect. This may sound a bit confused but it has given her a unique perspective and sensitivity to the goals and pressures of both business and information technologies. This has been a huge asset in the position of data modeler who works as an ambassador and interpreter between the two in order to successfully build data requirements and design data solutions.

The Book:

Data Modeling is about gathering, documenting and communicating the elements and structure of business information. What begins as a conceptual interplay of logical data units, through the application of rational theory, becomes the basis for creating a physical database design.

Data Modeling is a core skill for data professionals, and is a full time job for a small but growing number of IT practitioners. It is a crucial stage prior to good quality relational database design.

Data Modeling for Everyone is for those who:

  • Have no previous data modeling experience
  • Want to understand the role of the data modeler in database design
  • Need to know how to capture the essence of a system but don't know where to start
  • Want more than just the theory and learn best from real world experience
  • Require a book before other data design books - helping you develop a logical model rather than assuming one exists that needs to be implemented in a database

Data Modeling for Everyone provides a solid foundation in the following tools and techniques:

  • The different types of data modeling - enterprise, transactional and dimensional
  • The stages of analysis - developing conceptual, logical, and physical models
  • What to do if you need to work with the existing systems - reverse engineering and forensic analysis
  • General principles for converting logical models to physical ones
  • Modeling scope - focusing on what's important but allowing for future development of your model
  • Defining detail - entity relationships (E/R), key based and fully attributed models
  • Documenting your understanding of the business in the model
  • Graphical data modeling, focusing on the IDEF1X notation

Curlingstone is a new imprint providing practical information on all aspects of the technology, techniques and job roles that form the database community.

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Click here to read a sample chapter from this book!