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The following are links to some of my favourite sites. I know, some of those sites are now obsolete. I'll update this list when I find some time.
Free personal email:
Hotmail | Yahoo
Free personal homepages:
Tripod | Geocities |
Free electronic greetings:
123Greetings | Bluemountain
ICQ | MSN Messenger | WBS | IM
Infotech giants:
Microsoft | Intel | Oracle | Sun | Apple
Weather forecasts:
Yahoo weather | CNN weather
Used/new car information (US):
Carpoint | CarWizard
Currency conversion:
Driving directions (US): | | Yahoo | CNN
MoneyCentral | Etrade | CNNFn
Online book stores: |
IE | Netscape Navigator | Opera
Online telephony:
Netmeeting | Dialpad | Mediaring | NotifyUS
Freeware/shareware: |
Online dictionaries and references: | Encarta
Online computing stores:
Dell | Sony
International news:
Search engines:
Yahoo | Northernlight | AskJeeves | HotBot
Microsoft forums | Deja | HelpShare
Online flight reservations:
Cheaptickets | Expedia
ISPs (US):
MSN | BlueLight | NetZero
General shopping:
Mailing services (US):
USPS | FedEx

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My favourite cell phones/Mobile phones?
My first cellphone was a Nokia (don't remember the model name now, but it's that black bulky one :-)). Very robust and reliable. My second one was a Samsung A300. Very small, light, cute and feature rich, but no games though! Then I used a Sony Ericsson T68i. The one I am currently using is a Sony Ericsson T630 . Very neat and some great features.