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Microsoft Knowledge Base
Find samples and solutions for your problems
Microsoft SQL Server Homepage
Provides product info. & features good articles
Microsoft universal data access
All about Microsoft data access technologies
Performance tuning and optimization tips for Microsoft SQL Server
SQL Team
Best SQL forums on the net, articles, FAQs and more!
SQL Server Central.com
Lot's of code samples and great articles
Nashville computer training center and database design team. Site contains info on various Microsoft certification paths and exams.
Includes SQL Server articles, tips, FAQs
UK Independent SQL Server User Group
FAQs, discussions and searchable archives
MCDBA Directory
information on MCDBA certification, SQL Server, Data Warehousing, Data Mining etc.
Shakhov's Microsoft SQL Server FAQ
Microsoft SQL Server FAQ in Russian language
Easy SQL Server
Quick tips and HowTos and in-depth tutorials
TPC homepage
Official info on performance benchmarking
MSSQLServer.com by Michael Hotek
SQL product reviews & replication info
SQL Server magazine
Solutions and product reviews
A great SQL Server news source
Slovenian SQL Server user group
A useful site maintained by Dejan Sarka (MVP)
MSDE Query: A free tool for performing graphical queries on MSDE 2000
Info on Access2K & it's integration with SQL7.0
Some very useful sprocs are available here
Good resource for your certification exams
Umachandar's Homepage
Lot's of cool stuff (samples, links etc.)
Millions of lines of source code, all yours!
Learn how to secure your SQL Server!
Lots of good stuff here!
Homepage of Cindy Gross
Cool site with FAqs and articles
SQL Server forums and discussions
SQLDTS.com by Darren Green
Site dedicated to Data Transformation Services
A good repository of articles and links
This site contains SQL Server Articles, FAQ, Scripts, Tips and Test Exams
A good resource for warehousing and distribution systems designing
Articles, code samples, forums maintained by Expert DBAs!
Forums, directories, white papers, news, articles, jobs and much more!
FAQs, articles, resources and more!
Erland Sommarskog's home page
Some great articles on SQL Server programming!
Texas SQL server user group
Code samples, articles, discussion forums, links and more!
Google Groups
Search the solutions posted at newsgroups
DB Best Technologies specializes in database migration, consulting and development services.
contains links to most of the 3rd party SQL server tools & software on the market and allows you to compare 3rd party SQL Server software.
Shows users how to perform various backup and recovery test scenarios to assist them in building their disaster recovery plan. There are a lot of examples complete with many, many screenshots.
A Spanish SQL Server website with articles, FAQs, books, links, advice and a forum.
A site dedicated to SQL Server Replication.
Tibor Karaszi's SQL Server website
Website maintained by SQL Server MVP. Contains articles, FAQs and links
SQLCon is a highly mobilised group based in Hyderabad, India, with an objective to enhance knowledge sharing on current and future Microsoft SQL technologies.
Complete Database Migration Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server

The programmers resource center