SQL Server 7.0 Replication FAQ and common problems
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What is Replication Monitor and how it can be used to monitor replication activity and performance?
None of my replication agents are starting. The error message reads: ‘The step did not generate any output. The step failed’. How to correct this problem?
Replication agents are not starting and are failing with the error: 'Replication agent is not registered properly. Rerun SQL Server setup'. What's wrong?
Merge agent is failing with the error: 'The process could not initialize "database reconciler". Check to see if the component is registered correctly’. Where to look?
How to change the schema of a published table?
My distribution agent is failing with errors like:
Too many arguments were supplied for procedure sp_MSins_<Table_Name>
Too many arguments were supplied for procedure sp_MSupd_<Table_Name>
How to correct this?
How to subscribe with ‘NOSYNC’ to a transactional publication?
How to let merge replication use your own rowguid column?
Multiple users are not able to run the replication ActiveX control based programs simultaneously to synchronize Jet 4.0 databases. The program is throwing out the following errors:
21 036: Another merge agent for the subscription(s) is running.
Does this mean multiple users can not do synchronization simultaneously?
Unable to start distribution agent. It is failing with the following error:
21036: Another distribution agent for the subscription(s) is running.
But nothing is getting replicated. Stopping and starting SQL Agent didn’t help.
A non-dbo owned table when merge replicated to the subscriber, is being owned by dbo. Is there a way to maintain table ownership in merge replication?
When an UPDATE on the publisher gets replicated as a DELETE/INSERT pair instead of direct UPDATE?
Unable to specify a remote distributor for a Desktop/MSDE publisher. Why?
How to start replication agents programmatically?
Unable to drop a table even after removing replication. I'm getting the following errors, when I try to drop or alter the table:
Server: Msg 3724, Level 16, State 2, Line 1
Cannot drop the table 't1' because it is published for replication.
Server: Msg 4931, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Cannot add columns to table 't1' because it is being published for merge replication.
Is there a way out?
Replication agents are failing with the following error. What's wrong?
Too many arguments were supplied for procedure <A_System_Stored_Procedure_Name> (for example: sp_MSenumschemachange)
Replication monitor is showing errors (White X mark on a Red circle), though there are no errors on any agents. How to get rid of these X marks?
I have setup Transactional replication with "Immediate Updating Subscribers". Changes on publisher get replicated to the subscriber, without any errors. But when I try to UPDATE/INSERT data at the subscriber I am getting the following error and not able to modify data at the subscriber:
Server: Msg 18456, Level 14, State 1, Line 3
Login failed for user 'sa'.
How to correct this problem?
My Snapshot and Logreader agents are failing with the following error:
The process could not connect to Publisher 'Publishing_Server_Name'.
Category: Data source
Source: Publishing_Server_Name
Number: 18456
Full error message: Login failed for user 'sa'
The Snapshot and Logreader agents are running on the same publishing/distributing server, but still they are not able to connect.
How to overcome this problem?
How to find out whether a change to the data is made by replication or by other users/applications? I need to do some custom processing, whenever replication is making changes to my data. I would prefer to do this from a trigger.
How to change the replication working directory on the distributor?
How to maintain IDENTITY property of a column on both publishing and subscribing databases in transactional replication?
None of my replication wizards are coming up. Enterprise Manager lets me click on the replicaiton options, but nothing happens. What's wrong?
How to add new articles to existing publications and make sure the subscribers receive the new article?
How to setup merge replication between SQL Server 7.0/2000 and Jet (Access 2000) subscribers?

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