Azlexica announces 'Find Duplicates Wizard for SQL Server'
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After two years of development work, Azlexica, the Cirencester based UK software company, are pleased to announce the availability of the 'Find Duplicates Wizard for SQL Server'.

The Wizard enables anyone working with a SQL Server database to identify and review duplicate data with ease. It is an exceptionally powerful tool with the modest price tag of $397 (approximately 230).

Azlexica's aim is to shake up the duplicate matching software marketplace by offering a high performance, top quality product for a low price. In the same way that other companies did for address cleaning software a few years ago.

"Duplicate data is a major source of frustration for everyone, and there is really no excuse for it these days. We want to make it simple, quick and cheap for organisations to identify their duplicate data" says David Warner, Director of Azlexica.

One reason organisations can find it so hard to identify duplicates is because of the sheer size of their databases. This is no longer an issue for SQL Server users because the Find Duplicates Wizard performs its processing directly on the server, making it unnecessary to export or send your data across the network in order to identify duplicates.

The user can define up to 256 different combinations of database columns (analysis keys) in the Wizard, which the software will then use to identify duplicates. The Wizard can swiftly process millions of records, and is limited only by the power of the database server you are running it against.

The software has a wealth of processing options, which you can read about when visiting or (in even more detail) in the free help file download which is also available on the web site.

David Warner
Azlexica Limited
18 Castle Street
United Kingdom

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