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Ctrl + F Brings up the Find dialog box
F5 Refreshes the page
Ctrl + N Opens a new browser window
Alt + Home Takes you to your homepage
Escape Stops loading the current page
Ctrl + A Selects the entire page
F11 Toggles between full-screen mode and normal mode
Backspace Takes you to the previously loded page
Alt + Right arrow Forwards you by one page in the available page stack
Alt + Left arrow Takes you to the previous page in the available page stack
Ctrl + Enter In the address bar, avoid typing http, ://www  and .com by just typing the domain name and pressing Ctrl + Enter
Enter Not sure if the domain name ends with .com or .net? Type the domain name & press enter. IE will search for the domain
F4 In IE 5.0, F4 drops down the address bar combo box
Ctrl + P Prints the current page
Crtl + O Brings up the 'file open' dialog box
Ctrl + H Brings up the History window
Crtl + B Brings up the 'Organize Favorites' dialog box
Ctrl + R Reloads/refreshes the current page
Shift + Left click Opens the clicked link in new window

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