Microsoft internal codenames/nick names for SQL Server & related products
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Most of the Microsoft products are internally codenamed. Often, these codenames are very interesting but don't really indicate the nature of the product. In general, Microsoft codenames fall into categories like well-known cities, names of ski resorts, species of trees, famous poets, celestial bodies etc. Here are some of those interesting codenames that I am aware of:

Argo: Microsoft English Query

Avalanche: Internet Information Server (IIS) 5.0

Babylon: The Microsoft Search service (Full-Text search)

Coyote: The distributed partitioned views feature of SQL Server 2000

DART: Setup for Oracle, SQL Server, ODBC drivers

DaVinci: Database design and query tools

Hydra: Microsoft SQL Server 6.5

Kagera: OLE DB provider for ODBC data sources

Luxor: Microsoft SQL Server OLE DB Provider

Plato: Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 OLAP services

Shiloh: Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Slate: Microsoft Management Console (MMC)

Sphinx: Microsoft SQL Server 7.0

Starfighter: The Enterprise Manager of Microsoft SQL Server 6.0

Starfighter II: SQL Server Agent

Stinger: Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE)

Tensor: OLE DB extensions for OLAP

Tripoli: Microsoft Index Server

Wolfpack: Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS)

Yukon: Microsoft SQL Server 2002 (?). The next major release after SQL Server 2000.

Liberty: The 64 bit version of SQL Server 2000

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