XpressApps announces mssqlXpress v 1.3
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XpressApps announces mssqlXpress v 1.3

For Immediate Release

Contact: Bryan Oliver, bryan.oliver@specapps.com

XpressApps Releases Full-Featured Integrated Development Environment for Microsoft SQL

XpressApps announces mssqlXpress v 1.3, the latest full-featured integrated development environment (IDE) for Microsoft SQL.

mssqlXpress integrates Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS), replaces most features of Microsoft Query Analyser and Enterprise Manager, and has the extra features you have been dreaming about. You can now develop your databases using one powerful application.

mssqlXpress instantly connects to VSS and you can check objects out and in from within mssqlXpress. As well as the VSS connection, mssqlXpress has its own internal object history. You can instantly view and copy from any previous version of any object. It also keeps a complete Windows clipboard history while running.

Programming and testing is easier with mssqlXpress. You can execute code from the editor and then undo. Your informal scripts (code snippets) live in category folders with the database project. You can automatically update objects to multiple production sites.

Your editing productivity will soar with mssqlXpress. You can pick table, field and variable names from IntelliSense-like lists as you type, edit objects using multiple windows, drag and drop or copy and paste code between windows, use a keyboard macro, instantly duplicate an object and insert blocks of code or templates using short names ('Auto-complete').

With mssqlXpress you can search for text across a whole database. mssqlXpress automatically documents databases, generating reports in a range of formats.

mssqlXpress runs under MSDE and Microsoft SQL Server 7 or 2000 and pricing starts at $US299.

Contact XpressApps on +61 3 9308 7526 or visit www.xpressapps.com

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