How to access newsgroups?
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Explaining your problems effectively in newsgroups! Microsoft SQL Server newsgroup lingo!

This is the place where people start searching for solutions before approaching Microsoft technical support. Microsoft has created public newsgroups, which are accessible to everybody. Here you can see novices as well as experienced people asking questions as well as solving problems.

MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) play a very important role in these newsgroups. These are the people who are recognized for their contribution in the newsgroups in terms of solving people's problems. If you are interested in becoming an MVP, keep cracking the issues consistently in these Microsoft newsgroups and check out Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Brochure for more information. Also checkout for information

You can access newsgroups by using a news client. The most popular newsgroup clients are Outlook Express which ships with Internet Explorer 4.0+ and Netscape Messenger. Older versions of IE used to come with a newsreader too.

To access Microsoft public newsgroups using Outlook Express follow the instructions below:

- Open Outlook Express from Start -> Programs -> Internet Explorer -> Outlook Express. - Select Accounts from Tools menu.
- Click on Add button and select News from the popup menu.
- Type in all requested information. You have to type the Newsgroup (NNTP) Server name as
- Click Finish and you will be asked to chose the specific product newsgroups. Just double click on a specific newsgroup to subscribe to it

To access Microsoft public newsgroups using Netscape Messenger follow the instructions below:

- Open Netscape Communicator.
- Select Newsgroups from Communicator menu. A newsgroup reader will open up.
- Select Preferences from Edit menu.
- On the left hand pane, expand the tree titled 'Mail & Newsgroups' and select 'Newsgroup Servers' and on the right hand pane click on Add.
- Type in all requested information. You have to type the Newsgroup (NNTP) Server name as

All the posts from these newsgroups are archived at Dejanews. Here you can browse through all old posts. Microsoft also has localized newsgroups in different international languages.

One major problem with newsgroups is, SPAMming!!! Lot of Internet companies get hold of your email address from these newsgroups and keep spamming you with all kinds of offers and promotions. It's too annoying. So, people use different tricks to protect their privacy. It's recommended that you should not to use your primary email address in newsgroups.

Another annoying thing is, messages in HTML format! These HTML posts are capable of redirecting visitors to specific web sites. Always post messages in plain text and discourage HTML posting unless it is absolutely needed.

Any person with any level of knowledge can provide a solution in newgroups. So, be careful while trying out solutions posted here.

This is all I have to tell you about newsgroups for now! Make use of these newsgroups and save your money and time! Good luck!