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Official Microsoft SQL Server Yukon home page
This is your starting point for all official information about Microsoft SQL Server Yukon. On this page you will find information about new features of Yukon, articles on specific features, sample chapters from upcoming SQL Server Yukon books, demos and Yukon news.

Overview of .NET Programming Features in SQL Server "Yukon" Beta 1
See how SQL Server "Yukon" integration with the .NET Framework common language runtime (CLR) and managed code will make creating applications easier for developers.

Performance Optimizations for XML Data Type
Learn several techniques for optimizing query and data modification on the XML data type in SQL Server "Yukon."

SQL Server "Yukon" Beta 1 Transact-SQL Enhancements
Read about new enhancements to Transact-SQL in SQL Server "Yukon" and how these features can increase your expressive powers in query writing, improve the performance of your code, and extend your error management capabilities.

XML Best Practices for SQL Server "Yukon"
Get guidelines for XML data modeling and usage in SQL Server "Yukon," and see illustrative examples.

Practical Guide to SQL Server "Yukon" Beta 1 DTS
SQL Server "Yukon" will introduce a complete redesign of Data Transformation Services (DTS). Explore anticipated new features in this white paper.

Introduction to SQL Server "Yukon" Relational Engine Security Features
Find out how an improved security architecture will offer administrators and developers greater control over access to sensitive data while simplifying routine tasks.

An Overview of SQL Server Yukon for the DBA
This document provides an overview of new features for database administration as well as database availability and scalability and security.

An Overview of SQL Server "Yukon" for the Database Developer
This document provides an overview of all the new features of Yukon, aimed at improving the productivity of database developer community.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing in SQL Server Yukon
This paper provides and overview of the enhancements to the Business Intelligence platform for SQL Server "Yukon" Beta 1. This paper is not an implementation guide, but rather provides information about the enhancements to the Business Intelligence platform.

SQL Server Yukon Books
Microsoft SQL Server X (Yukon) New Features

First Look at Microsoft SQL Server "Yukon" Beta for Developers

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