Tools by third party companies for Microsoft SQL Server
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Here's a list of popular third party tools for Microsoft SQL Server. Most of these tools can be evaluated for free (by downloading the evaluation copy):

SwissSQL AdventNet SwisSQL is the industry leading automated database migration solution recognized by leading database vendors. SwisSQL offers productive database migration tools for stored procedure migration, SQL migration, and data migration. Datanamic delivers tools for database developers. Their flagschip product is DeZign for Databases. "DeZign for Databases" is a database development tool using an entity relationship diagram. It visually supports the layout of the entities and relationships and automatically generates SQL-schemas for most leading databases (Oracle, MySQL, Interbase, Informix, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Sybase, MS Access, IBM DB2, Paradox, dBase etc.).

Red Earth Technologies The Superior SQL Builder is a tool that allows SQL Server users to visually build complete SQL scripts, and to easily cleanse and transform their database data. has developed a friendly, and powerful tool for easily identifying, and removing duplicate data from your SQL Server databases. This tool is called "Find Duplicates Wizard for SQL Server" The SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare tools help you compare and synchronize your data and database object structures
Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. Embarcadero is one of the leading third party tools developers for databases. Their impressive list of tools include some of the following:

ER/Studio A very friendly database modeling tool
DBArtisan A database administration solution
DBArtisan Change Manager Helps you track and manage changes to database schemas across a distributed environment
Lumigent Technologies, Inc. Lumigent has this very popular product called Log Explorer that lets you read and analyze your transaction logs and facilitates data recovery, auditing etc. 
Computer Associates CA's ERwin is a very popular data modeling tool. Apart from this they have a whole range of products catering to different segments of software development and administration
VERITAS A leading product developer catering to the areas of Backup, Storage management, Clustering, Replication etc.
DataMirror DataMirror is a leader in the areas of database replication and data transformation and has a variety of products.
ALOE The ALOE Schema Upgrade Wizard will deploy a new schema over an existing Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database, while keeping the data
RAC The Replacement for the Access Crosstab query produces crosstab tables and performs various data manipulations
SSW Check out this site for some nice and useful SQL Server and Access tools
SQL LiteSpeed SQL LiteSpeed is SQL Server backup software with integrated compression and encryption, saving SQL Server customers up to 90% of their disk and tape sapce requirements and reducing their backup times by one half.
Adept SQL Tools Check out AdeptSQL Diff - visually compares two MS SQL Server databases, then produces and executes difference scripts for a choosen part or for the whole schema. Very fast and easy to operate. developed a migration workbench for migrating and converting your Oracle databases and applications to SQL Server with ease. Database encryption solution for Microsoft SQL Server and MSDE.