Visual Basic shortcut keys
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F2 Brings up the 'Object Browser' window
F3/F4/F6/F11 Brings up the 'Properties Window' for the current form/control
F5 Executes the current project
Ctrl + F5 First checks for syntax errors and then executes the project
F7 Opens the code window for the current control
F8 Executes the project in 'Step mode'. Keep pressing F8 to execute the next statement; Press F5 to come out of step mode
F9 Inserts break point at the current line in the code window. Press F9 again to toggle the break point
Ctrl + G Brings up the 'Immediate window', which is useful for debugging purposes
Ctrl + Spacebar While writing code, this combination helps you see the available options/methods/properties based on what you are typing
Ctrl + J Same as above...
Shift + F2 Place the cursor over any function call and press Shift + F2 to see the declaration of that function
Ctrl + F Brings up the find dialog box
Ctrl + H Brings up the replace dialog box
Shift + F3 Finds the previous occurance of a string
Ctrl + Shift + F9 Clears all break points
Ctrl + Delete Deletes to the end of the word
Crtl + Y Deletes the current line of code
Ctrl + Z Undoes the last change in the code window
Ctrl + Up/Down arrows Helps you move between procedures/functions in the code window

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