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F2 Select a file and press F2 to rename the file
F3 In Windows Explorer and on Desktop, pressing F3 brings up the Find dialog box
Alt + Enter Select a file and press Alt + Enter to bring up its Properties dialog box
Alt + Space bar Inside a window, press Alt + Spacebar to bring up the system menu of that window
Ctrl + Escape Brings up the windows start menu
Alt + Tab Lets you switch between currently running applications
Shift + Delete Permanently deletes a file without moving it to Recycle Bin
Ctrl + A Selects all the files in Windows Explorer. Also selects all the text in text boxes
Alt + F4 Closes the current window
Double left click Double left click on the system icon of a window closes that window
Ctrl + Tab Changes the tabs in a tabbed dialog box in forward direction. Also switches windows in an MDI form
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Changes the tabs in a tabbed dialog box in backward direction
Ctrl + F6 Switches between the currently open child windows in an MDI form
Ctrl + Left click Deselects a specific item from a selected range. Works in Windows explorer
Crtl + Alt + Delete Brings up task manager in Windows 95/98. Brings up more options in NT/2000
Shift + F10 Brings up the context sensitive pop-up menu
Ctrl + W Closes the current window
Windows Key + m Minimizes all windows
Ctrl + (+) key from the right hand side of the keyboard Rearranges the widths of the list view's columns properly

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